Picking Up the Pieces project

Many parents and carers naturally worry about what would happen to the person they care for in case of an emergency.

This is where our project, Picking Up the Pieces, steps in to help. Our dedicated project team run training workshops for carers across Scotland on how to complete an emergency plan. This means that if a crisis does arise in the future, carers can feel assured that the person they care for will be properly looked after.

To strengthen this work and the role of emergency planning for carers, our project team also speaks to local authorities about how to integrate emergency plans into social care services.

Funded by the Scottish Government since 2014, our Picking Up the Pieces project has been at the fore of implementing emergency and future care planning in all of Scotland’s local authorities.

In summer 2017, the team’s commitment to championing the importance of emergency planning for carers earned them the ‘Carers Champion Award’ during the Scottish Social Services Awards. This was a proud moment for the team and a clear recognition from the sector of the importance of emergency planning for carers.

Over the coming years we will continue to watch the implementation of the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016.

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