RASCALS holiday programme

RASCALS holiday programme, funded by Shared Care Scotland, provides extra support during school holidays for families who attend our RASCALS after-school service.

We run a programme of activity during the Easter, summer and October school holidays specifically for children aged 4 and a half to 18 years old who have a learning disability or additional support needs.

Our staff team are experts in creating environments and opportunities that nurture each child’s development, and fill the holidays with activities that are fun, inclusive and appropriate for everyone.

For our RASCALS children, this project gives them the chance to experience new activities with other children during the holidays – a time when children should, rightfully, be having fun.

For parents and carers, this project creates time during the holidays that they can spend as they wish – with the peace of mind that their child is happy in the company of friends.

Contact us to find out more about RASCALS holiday programme.

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