We can all do it!

We can all do it! implements the principles of Self-Directed Support with creativity to support people who have a learning disability, and their families and carers, in communities throughout Fife.

Benefitting from three years’ funding from the Scottish Government, the project works with people who have a learning disability to identify their skills, talents and interests. It helps individuals to discover what needs to change for them to get more out of life, and explores creative ways of doing this by using communities and assets available in each individual’s local area.

Using an asset-based approach, our project team guides people who have a learning disability and their families through the Self-Directed Support process – explaining the four options, providing support to complete their outcomes assessment and helping individuals to prepare their support plan.

Creativity is central to the project’s success – Forum Theatre, group-centred planning, circle of friends and community circles are all used to raise awareness of the values and principles of Self-Directed Support.

This year, the team was proud to see team member Gail shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Untold Story’ award at the Scottish Social Services Awards 2017. Gail’s nomination, submitted by the parent of a woman she supported, is a real celebration of the team’s commitment to supporting people who have a learning disability to live the life they choose.

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