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We believe in equal rights for everyone through self-directed social care, employment, training, and empowering communities.

Building an equal society for everyone

Enable is a modern, vibrant charity which strives to deliver an equal society for every citizen.

For us, an equal society means everyone has the right to live in the community of their choice, where they can access their human rights to participate as active and respected citizens through work, friends, and relationships. We believe that an equal society is realised when all of the assets of all individuals are fully utilised.

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Member led

We’re proudly member led, and enable the human rights of every citizen through

  • self-directed, human rights driven health and social care – Enable Cares

  • inclusive employment, education and training – Enable Works

  • empowering inclusive communities for all – Enable Communities

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Our campaigns

We campaign for change. We believe in better. We speak up when things are not good enough – and demonstrate ways to make things work. We will not stop until people have equal rights as respected citizens, neighbours and colleagues.

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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values guide us in everything we do. They help us to make the right choices and stay focused on what’s best for those we work for.

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“As a member of Enable, I’m part of an active and growing community that connects, campaigns and empowers people to stand up for their human rights.”