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We Enable people to build and grow supportive local friendships and networks, where everyone is included.

Connecting people

Our mission? No one should be alone. We work within communities so that everyone is empowered to contribute as friends, neighbours, employees, customers – and be respected as equal citizens.

Our vision is that communities are welcoming places for people who have learning disabilities, where they are valued and respected as equal members of society, and their families are supported.

We connect people with each other, and with their rights. There is no referral needed – everyone is welcome!

7 for 70 Years!

To mark our 70th Anniversary Year, we are asking our supporters to unleash their adventurous spirit: It’s not too late to join our Charity Challenge! You can contact the team at fundraising@enable.org.uk to find out how you and your company can get involved. Read all about our incredible staff and supporters who are taking up the challenge.

7 for 70th Fundraising Ambassadors

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