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All In Glasgow launched to help 1,500 people overcome barriers into work

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A programme piloted across Scotland to guide people into employment will this week be rolled out across the country’s largest city.

All in Glasgow, co-ordinated by Enable Works, follows success stories in Edinburgh, Dundee and Moray and will aim to help 1,500 people facing various barriers – including poverty, disability, homelessness, offending or substance misuse – to gain qualifications and opportunities that lead to long-term employment.

It is hoped the scheme will result in:

  • An improvement in employment rates in Glasgow;
  • An increase in job retention rates in the city;
  • A better-informed workforce who, by being more aware of welfare rights, can ensure they are financially better-off;
  • Employers promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and avoiding zero-hours contracts.


All in Glasgow represents a one-stop shop for anyone of any age struggling to gain a foothold on the employment ladder. Enable Works forms the umbrella for 17 Glasgow charities to deliver three specific services – Training for Work, Progress for Parents and Supported Employment – with the multi-charity partnership ensuring that those accessing any service can be signposted to another, more appropriate avenue without having to start the application process again or repeat a difficult-to-tell background story.

Enable Works Director, Ashley Ryan, said:

“All in Glasgow recognises that people seeking support to access employment often face a wide range of barriers. By bringing together many specialist organisations, we can ensure people can access the right support to help them enter – and thrive in – the world of work. The aim is to make it as simple as possible for people to engage with us. No matter what age people are, or where they live in the city, they will be able to access that support.

“The aim is to improve employment rates in Glasgow and improve job retention rates, focusing on sustainable employment for the long term. The service is based on the principles of fair work and we offer specialist welfare rights and guidance to ensure people are able to make informed choices about work and are better-off financially. We work with employers to avoid inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

Ashley Ryan

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Cllr Susan Aitken, said:

“Ensuring that all of our citizens have the pathways and the skills to make positive choices and to play their part in the wider life of this city has been a long-standing commitment of Glasgow’s.

"The All In Glasgow programmes help translate those commitments into action, helping many of those who can be hard to reach overcome what are often deeply complex and challenging barriers to training, securing qualifications and fair work. I am confident that All In Glasgow can make a huge contribution to our shared agenda of addressing social and economic inequality, delivering inclusive growth and ensuring a fairer, healthier and more prosperous Glasgow."

Cllr Susan Aitken

All in Glasgow will help people into work through a number of charities, including Enable Works, Barnardo’s, The Prince’s Trust, and Street League. The service includes three streams:

Training for Work is for people of any age looking for work and can also support those in work who are at risk of redundancy. They may be disengaged from education or mainstream services, have a disability or mental health condition, have caring responsibilities, or be impacted by poverty. They may also have experience of loneliness, homelessness, offending behaviours, and substance misuse.

Progress for Parents will deliver a city-wide provision, meeting clients in community venues or in offices that are well accessed by public transport. As a collective our experience has shown that parents face very specific barriers, and they prefer to engage with specialist organisations that understand their individual obstacles and circumstances and who can offer tailored, person-centred support.

Supported Employment’s delivery has a “no wrong door” approach and promote empowerment, social inclusion, dignity, and respect. It is an end-to-end personalised service for as long as required. Support is individual, consistent and high-quality, and includes work with employers to gain a better understanding of issues affecting disabled people, building their capacity to recruit from all sections of the community.

If you live in Glasgow, you can find out more about All in Glasgow services by contacting or 0141 483 1550.

All In Glasgow Launch Brochure

To find out more, read the All In Glasgow Launch Brochure.

All In Glasgow Brochure