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Today, Scotland’s party leaders are lending their support to Enable the Vote! on the day the campaign is launched.  Enable the Vote! aims to ensure people with learning disabilities have the information and confidence they need to vote in the UK General Election, if they choose to. 

A photocall with party leaders, MSPs, and self-advocates from Enable and other learning disability organisations will take place on the garden lobby steps immediately after First Minister’s questions today (March 28th). 

Enable the Vote fulfils an important purpose because only around 30% of people with a learning disability vote in elections, compared to the 67.3% of the general population who voted in the 2019 UK General Election.  Despite this current low level of participation, research indicates 70% of people with a learning disability want to vote1, and when people with learning disabilities are provided with accessible information and advice on the voting process, they are far more likely to use their vote.2 

Working with the Electoral Commission, Enable has developed a new Easy Read guide for people with learning disabilities with the all the key information they need so that they can vote in the election if they choose to.  The guide contains accessible information on how to register to vote and what support voters can expect at the polling place. It also provides information on the new voter ID requirement, including which types of photo ID will be accepted, and how to apply for free voter ID, if needed.  

Joanne Devitt is an Enable member who has been supported by the charity so she can be more confident to use her vote.  Joanne said: 

“Voting shouldn’t have to be a confusing process and I think the new Voter Guide produced for Enable the Vote will be really helpful in making it clear to people with learning disabilities how they can vote if they want to.  I think it is really important that people with learning disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to vote. They should be able to decide who represents them as their MP and who becomes the next government just as much as everyone else, because the right to vote should be for everyone.” 

Andy O’Neill, Head of the Electoral Commission in Scotland, said: 

“Everyone who is eligible to vote in the UK general election should be able to register and vote without facing barriers, so we’re delighted to be working with Enable to support people with learning disabilities to have their say.  

The forthcoming election will be the first-time voters across Scotland will need to show photo ID to vote at a polling place, and accepted forms of ID include a passport, driving licence, disabled persons bus pass, older persons bus pass and Young Scot card. Anyone without ID should apply now for free voter ID online or via their local electoral registration office. You can find more information at “ 


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