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Enable Works to deliver The Business Case for Inclusion

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Enable Works is running a series of online events to help businesses to drive inclusion in the workplace.

As part of a six part series, Enable Works is delivering The (Business) Case for Inclusion, an online event that explores the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

The sessions will demonstrate how embracing diversity can drive innovation, enhance workplace culture and boost overall performance.

In particular, this session will look at the social and economic benefits of a diverse workplace to allow businesses, organisations, managers and employees to gain the knowledge to implement actionable strategies to create an inclusion environment.

You can sign up to this online event via Eventbrite:

The (Business) Case for Inclusion Tickets, Mon 4 Mar 2024 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Listen in to Katie Oman, Partnership Manager, Sports Scotland, speaking about her experience of Enable Works and its training:

“Sports Scotland is a national agency for sport and we are responsible for sporting our partners predominately local and national partners to develop sport. We have local authorities and governing bodies but we also work with a range of other parties that are going to be able to support other partners better.

“After Covid, it became really clear to us that our partners wanted to focus on inclusion and in particular areas around disability inclusion and in particular areas around disability inclusion. We worked very, very closely with Enable works to make sure that we put in place training that was really bespoke and really answered the questions that our partners and out internal staff were looking for.”

“We have embarked on two different strands of training. The first strand was really critical to us that our own staff felt confident and competent when considering how they would include people with disabilities within the workplace. From that learning, it enabled us to take that information externally and we’ve offered a huge number of workshops over the last 18months to our partners, our local authority partners and our governing bodies. Massively well received across our partners in terms of the engagement levels, but also the feedback. It’s been absolutely incredible. Initially our plan was to work with Enable Works for a year. It’s now coming on two years that we’ve been working with Enable Works and we have a further three years to go with this fantastic organisation. We are absolutely over the moon that opportunities that we have had to learn and we’re absolutely over the moon with how we’ve been able to support our partners.”

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