About ENABLE Scotland

ENABLE Scotland’s mission is to create an equal society for every person with a learning disability.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of people with learning disabilities and their families, to achieve positive change, through our grassroots and national campaigning.

Each year ENABLE Scotland directly supports more than 1,000 people across Scotland’s local authorities to be local activists, get specialist information, advice and advocacy, access community-based support across a growing network of local groups, and lead campaigns for change.

We have a membership and supporter movement of more than 12,000 people across the country and a network of over 30 local activism groups, 36 affiliated branches,  all independent charities in their own right, run by volunteers – and local family support services.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Together, as a community we have made great strides to protect and promote the human rights of every person who has a learning disability and their families.

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