Support for your child

We believe that children who have a learning disability deserve the same opportunities in life as every child.

Opportunities to play, learn, make friends and dream big for the future.

We offer a wide range of support to help make this happen.

Our approach is all about helping you and your child plan the things you want to do in life, supported by the people you want to help you do them. It’s that simple.

We’re here for the whole family and know that a little support can make a big difference – whether it’s at home, at school, in the evenings or over the holidays.

Meet Lisa and her daughter Niamh, and find out how support from ENABLE Scotland has helped them – both as individuals and as a family:

Providing excellent support that changes lives is what we do. The Care Inspectorate recognises this and has awarded 78% of our services top marks (Grades 5 or 6).

Contact us today and find out how ENABLE Scotland can support you and your family.

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