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The effects of Covid-19 have had an impact on all aspects of life for family carers of a person with a learning disability. The pandemic has made life more challenging, including the reduction or removal of support services and the closing of schools, leaving family carers feeling more stressed and anxious. The pandemic has also left family carers feeling isolated and under a lot more pressure.

That is why ENABLE Scotland introduced Family Connect, led by our Families Committee of Scottish Council, to make sure that families are still able to connect with one another and access support when they need it.

Family Connect is:

  1. Regular online meetings, specifically for people who are family carers of someone with a learning disability – there is always someone to talk to.
  2. Weekly seminars with speakers, from within ENABLE Scotland and external, who provide family members with important information about their rights and answer their questions.
  3. Weekly mindfulness sessions to help family members with their mental health.
  4. Regular Family catch up meetings – for family members to meet other people in similar situations to themselves.
  5. A dedicated telephone line 0300 303 0228 for family members to contact ENABLE Scotland and get support and guidance – no one is alone, we are here for you.
  6. Detailed library of resources to help support family members with different situations they may face.
  7. A Family Connect Facebook page to share information with Family members.

“ENABLE’s Family Connect service helps other mothers and carers like me to find information that is so important. A lot of people are out there trying their best, with little to no support, and we need to be there for each other. ENABLE and others do lots of great things to help people by connecting them to important information and support services, and Family Connect really is at the heart of that. Connecting people and helping them to make some new friends and learn a lot about what help there is for them”. – Beth, Families Committee member of ENABLE Scotland’s Scottish Council (link).

Get more information and join Family Connect today. You can also join the #ENABLEfamily by signing up as an ENABLE Scotland member – we look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in whatever way you need us.


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