Family Connect

ENABLE Scotland is launching a new service to help support family members and loved ones of people with a learning disability – Family Connect.

Family Connect is 4 things:

  • Regular online meetings specifically for people who are family members of someone with a learning disability.
    • Weekly meetings with speakers from within ENABLE Scotland and outside invited to meetings to provide family members with important information about their rights and answer their questions.
    • Weekly mindfulness sessions to help family members with their mental health.
    • Regular Family catch up meetings – for family members to meet other people in similar situations to themselves.
  • A dedicated telephone line for family members to contact ENABLE and get support and guidance.
  • Detailed library of resources to help support family members with different situations they may face.
  • A Family Connect Facebook page to share information with Family members.
    • A Facebook chat service for families to get in touch and to receive support.

How to Join Family Connect:

Family Connect offers families advice and guidance, support with health and wellbeing, relaxation and connection with their peer group.

The Family Connect helpline can be contacted on 0300 303 0228

The helpline will be staffed every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 AM until 5 PM. There will be a voicemail system for calls outside those times.

Family Connect has a dedicated e-mail address at


Family Connect has a Facebook page that family members can ‘like’. This will allow them to see regular updates from Family Connect in their newsfeed.

Family members are able to contact the Family Connect team through the Facebook page using Facebook Messenger.


The Family Connect team publishes an online calendar of meetings that family members can view on their phone or computer – allowing them to see a schedule of activity.



Beth Morrison, one of the Families Committee members of Scottish Council said of Family Connect:

ENABLE’s Family Connect service helps other mothers and carers like me to find information that is so important. A lot of people are out there trying their best, with little to no support, and we need to be there for each other. ENABLE and others do lots of great things to help people by connecting them to important information and support services, and Family Connect really is at the heart of that. Connecting people and helping them to make some new friends, and learn a lot about what help there is for them.


If you have any questions or would like to know more, remember you can contact Family Connect the following ways:

Phone: 0300 303 0228


Facebook: Search on Facebook for ‘ENABLE Scotland Family Connect

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