PA Model

What is the PA Model?


As a charity, ENABLE Scotland campaigned for the Social Care (Self-Directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. We are proud that each year our ENABLE Cares colleagues deliver and design health and social care support services to over 1,000 people through our unique PA model.

At ENABLE Cares, we believe in the power of individuals directing their own support and building supportive networks within their local communities.

The PA model puts the power to design a bespoke care package firmly in the hands of those receiving care.

The model supports individuals and their families to make the right decisions for their particular needs, regardless of care group, whether it be a learning disability, physical disability, acquired brain injury, mental health conditions, or autism.  This approach gives them the control to shape a service that’s tailored to their needs and to recruit each member of the PA support team. We also know that needs can change over time and so the PA model is designed specifically to be flexible to allow for changes to be made easily.


The four fundamental key components of the PA model are:

  • Service design: The planning stages are led by the individual, where they will advise what is important in their life, what they would like to achieve and how they would like to achieve. This process involves key stakeholders and relevant professionals to ensure the service design is fit for purpose. Each individual’s service design is continuously updated to ensure it meets the changing circumstances and aspirations of the individual.
  • Support strategies: These strategies guide the team on how best to support an individuals, providing detailed information, guidance and direction around the specific needs of each individual in order to seamlessly and safely facilitate the attainment of their identified aspirations and outcomes.
  • Bespoke Personal Assistant team: Each individual will build their own bespoke team of Personal Assistants who are employed directly to support that individual to meet their outcomes and achieve their goals. Each Personal Assistant is contracted directly to the individual they support, having been selected by that individual to be employed in their support team. A team of skilled recruitment consultants facilitate the end-to-end recruitment and onboarding processes within the organisations sector leading ENABLE Recruits division.
  • Individual Service Funds: Every person supported has their own Individual Service Fund, where the individual has full control and visibility of their support budget. The PA model works in conjunction with the four SDS funding options and allows each individual to deploy their budget in a way that meets their desired outcomes, whether it be through ordinary peer support, direct support, technology, be-spoke purchases or community services.


We know that whilst the principles of self-directed support (SDS) are so well enshrined in enabling legislation, far too many individuals and families are not yet able to access it.

We are working with the Group’s ENABLE Scotland charity to campaign for people with care needs and their families, to ensure they have the same rights to access support to independent living, and that they can get the flexibility and person-centred focus that SDS promises.

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