Only 1 in 7 people with a learning disability receive some form of support from a local authority, which means 86% are not getting support they need – this is where ENABLE Scotland’s Local Area Coordination comes in. We are here to support every person who has a learning disability and their families and carers, wherever they are and in whatever way they need us.

What is Local Area Coordination

Local Area Coordination is a globally recognised approach to supporting people of all ages in local communities, and their families, to build and pursue their vision for a good life.  LACs are there for everyone – you do not need a budget to access this service.

Local Area Co-ordinators do different things depending on what people in the community want.  Here are some of the things that all Local Area Co-ordinators do:-

What makes LAC special?

  • We work with individuals, families and communities to make society more inclusive.
  • We only work with people who want us in their lives, go at a pace that suits them and stay involved for as long as they want our support.
  • We focus on what people can do, not what they can’t do – we will empower you to live the life you choose.
  • We understand that statutory services are not always the way for people to achieve their goals.

What people say about us

“Local Area Co-ordinators help us find our way through this jungle of a world.”

“It’s not about how quickly things move on, what matters is that I know my Local Area Co-ordinator is always there for me.”

Find out more about LAC in your local area and become a member of ENABLE Scotland today.  Call Family Connect 0300 303 0228.

 ENABLE Scotland is proud to be home to two local area coordination teams: East Renfrewshire LAC and Midlothian LAC

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