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Michael lands his dream job

Michael Mcewen

Michael is a respected journalist, broadcaster and disability rights campaigner. He has been working with our LAC team in East Renfrewshire on and off for years. He first met us in 2005 and we spent time together mapping out his goals for life and what steps he would need to take to make them happen. Michael doesn’t get any social care support, so for him, communities and network are everything.

I can go years without speaking to the Enable team in East Renfrewshire. But every so often something will come up – a problem with benefits, or community groups, or something like that – and I know that they are there for me and will support me to work it through. When I first met them years ago, I knew what I wanted for myself in my future, but I just didn’t know how to get started. I told the teachers at school I wanted to be a journalist – I could tell they didn’t believe me. Once I met the LAC team, they said ‘why not!’ They helped me to map out all the connections and skills I would need to pursue my dream. They don’t do things for me – they’re just there to help me build my network and confidence, whenever I need them.

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