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Major employers diversifying their workforce with the help of Enable Works


Public Health Scotland (PHS) acknowledged the benefits of diversity in the workplace and the untapped potential within the disabled community. However, they faced challenges attracting applications from diverse candidates, so they reached out to Enable Works for help.

Enable Works supported PHS to learn how to make their recruitment process more accessible.

Together we looked at:

  • Redefining job descriptions, removing jargon and off-putting language;
  • Creating accessible job adverts, that they would resonate with a wider pool of candidates; and
  • Designing inclusive approaches to interviewing, that would allow all candidates to better showcase their skills and suitability for the job.

The outcome?

PHS witnessed a surge in applications from diverse individuals and the increased accessibility of the interview process, ensuring candidates with disabilities and long-term health conditions were able to fully showcase their skills.

PHS were delighted to welcome five talented young people with disabilities into Modern Apprenticeship positions.

Candidate feedback on their experience of the recruitment process was really positive. Thomas, who was offered a job with PHS said:

The recruitment process was brilliant and felt really different. I was sent the questions in advance, and while I was still a bit nervous, it made me feel much more comfortable. I think all organisations should recruit in this way.”

Enable Works continued to support PHS, equipping staff with the knowledge and confidence to provide effective support to their new apprentices. Engaging training sessions have empowered line managers and colleagues to navigate disability-related matters adeptly. The impact was tangible, with staff reporting heightened confidence in fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

With the support of Enable Works, Public Health Scotland have increased the diversity of their workforce and are creating a more inclusive work culture. 

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