ENABLE Group would like you to be able to use and enjoy our website regardless of ability or technology.

Subject to specific design and functional requirements, we have worked to ensure this website is built to W3C standards and will meet with the criteria set out by WCAG for accessibility.

With current technical standards the website should achieve Level A accessibility. If you have specific accessibility concerns about the website, please phone ENABLE Direct 0300 0200 101 or email

Need help reading our website?

We have added a digital inclusion software, ReachDeck Toolbar, to our website – making our content more accessible with reading and viewing. To use the ReachDeck toolbar, click on the ornage launchpad icon that appears on the top left of your screen (under the ENABLE Group logo) if you are using a desktop machine, and middle of your screen if you are using a mobile device.

Clicking on the icon will launch the ReachDeck toolbar. Then you simply click on any text to hear it read out loud.


How does ReachDeck help?

ReachDeck offers a host of reading and translation support – helping you to access and understand our website better.

text-to-speech: click on or select any text to hear it read aloud
translation: written and spoken translations in multiple languages
text magnification: enlarges text and reads it out loud
mp3 generation: converts selected text into an MP3 audio file
screen mask: blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask
web page simplifer: removes clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text
settings: customise options to suit you.


Click here to watch a short tutorial on ReachDeck’s features.


Need support with ReachDeck?

Visit, the dedicated support portal from TextHelp – the makers of ReachDeck.

Browsers we support

Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Alternative formats

If you want any information on this site in an alternative format, please phone ENABLE Direct 0300 0200 101 or email


We have tested this website in the most recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. This website is designed for screen resolutions of 1024×768 and above.


Where images are used on this website, alternative text (ALT) should be provided.

Text and Images

If you find the text or graphics on-screen are difficult to read comfortably, you can resize these in your browser.

You can also change the default colours used on websites to make every website you visit easier to read. Detailed information about this and more helpful tips, can be found on the BBC “My Web, My Way” website at


If you have any concerns or issues using our website, please phone ENABLE Direct 0300 0200 101 or email

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