Lucy’s Story

Seventeen year old Lucy McKee has had a difficult time at school.  Alone and without friends, she was often bullied and called names by her fellow pupils, or worse, she was just ignored.

Supported by her new headteacher, Lucy took a stand and spoke out about her experiences, winning the hearts and minds of her teachers and pupils in the school.

But despite this, the youngster still finds school life “hard”, often wishing she was more #includED and says she worries about her future.

It was Lucy’s involvement with ENABLE Scotland that gave her the voice and resources she needed to speak out about the significant problems she faced at school.


School wasn’t easy for me, I didn’t have any friends and some of the children bullied me and called me names, or just ignored me.  I felt invisible.  I spoke to my headteacher and said I wanted to talk to the whole school about it.  I understand what it is like to have a learning disability and how hurtful it is when people call you names.  I wanted to make it better for me and younger people who might also be bullied.


This was a turning point for Lucy and her work to educate peers on what it is like to live with a learning disability has been instrumental in helping try to build a more inclusive school environment.  Lucy has discovered a voice she never knew she had:

Despite improvements on the social elements of school life, Lucy still finds school.


I just get on with school but it is hard.  I feel like I’m not part of the crowd and sometimes don’t feel #includED in conversations with others.  Classmates talk about university and their career and often I don’t feel #includED in those conversations.

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